Quality Performance, Inc.


Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd (AGI)
Poole, Dorset, England
Supporting FSC: 6660
Solid State Naval Ship Speed Log Systems (EM2000 and AGILOG), Naval Digital Wind Speed & Direction Systems (Moriah, DDG, MHC), Helicopter Visual Approach System (HELIVAS), other Visual Landing Aids (VLA), and Solid State LCD Color Repeaters and Displays (8.5", 10.4", 15")
Web Site: http://www.agiltd.co.uk


Axsys Corp. (Motion Control Division)
San Diego, CA
Supporting FSCs: 5990, 6105, 6680
Precision AC/DC Fractional HP Motors, Electrical Synchros and Resolvers
Web Site: http://www.axsys.com


Cheyenne Manufacturing
Wichita, KS
Manufactures Machine Detailed Aircraft Parts Or Equipment Aircraft on-board defrosting or defogging systems, Aircraft doors, Aircraft windows, Aircraft windshields, Aircraft shock mounts


Control Sciences Inc. (CSI)
Chatsworth, CA
Supporting FSCs: 5962, 7050
Solid State Synchro and Resolver Converters, Synchro Amplifiers, Synchro/Resolver Test Instrumentation
Web Site: http://www.controlsciences.com



Kaydon Ring & Seal
Baltimore, MD
Supporting FSCs: 28XX, 4310, 4730, 5330, 5360, 5365
Rings, Seals, Compression Springs for aircraft and tank diesel and turbine engines
Web Site: http://www.kaydonringandseal.com


Milling Precision Tool Corp.
Wichita, KS
Supporting FSCs: 1560, 1680
Aircraft Machine Parts